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Dialup - Basic

Our Basic Dialup is Internet Service for a flat rate of $14.99 per month which includes the following:


Key Benefits

  • 1 E-mail address. *
  • 100MB of email space. **
  • Spam Filtering. See SpamAssassin
  • 56k Supporting:
  • V.90/V.92 Protocols
  • V.42/V.44 Compressions
  • PCM Upload (Helps improve upload speed)
  • WWW browsing.
  • Homepage with 100MB of web space.   **
  • FTP access.
  • Technical support for most Windows platforms.

* For additional email addresses see: Additional E-Mails


** Additional web/E-Mail space $1.00 per month per 50MB

Note: 56K modems are limited by the FCC to 53.3K.  Actual connect speeds may vary depending on line quality.  Monthly Limit of 450 Hours.