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DSL - CenturyLink Residential


Due to Internet industry changes we are sorry to announce that as of June 30, 2021 DSL services will need to be transitioned to Century Link direct or another internet provider. 


Our CenturyLink DSL (Digital Subscriber Line) uses the latest DSL technology to deliver a fast and reliable broadband connection.


Key Benefits

  • High speed ranging from 1.5MB to 7MB.
  • DHCP connections.
  • DSL technology. Modem/Router supplied by CenturyLink .
  • 1 E-mail address. *
  • 50MB of email space. **
  • Spam Filtering. See SpamAssassin
  • WWW browsing.
  • Homepage with 50MB of web space. **
  • FTP access.
  • Technical support for most Windows platforms.

* For additional email addresses see: Additional E-Mails.


** Additional web/E-Mail space $1.00 per month per 50MB Pricing




CenturyLink PackageConnect
Speed (down/up) 1500/896 Kb 3M-7M/896 Kb * 1500/896 Kb 3M-7M/896 Kb *
CenturyLink Charge per Month $25.00 **
$32.00 **





ISP Charge per Month


$9.99 $19.99
Total Cost per Month $34.99 **
$51.99 **





* Circuit is not capped. Speeds will vary with line condition.
** Promotional Rate.
Prices may be subject to change due to current promotions. Please call for latest prices.




This service requires the use of a Modem/Router.



There is a activation fee charged by CenturyLink of $20.00 which is charged on your CenturyLink phone bill.

Current CenturyLink Promotion


Promotional rates stay locked in for as long as you have the service if you agree to keep it for 2 years.
Promotional rates stay locked in for 12 months with a month to month agreement.