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Password Security

When choosing a password it is important to not make it too simple.  Spammers and hackers love people to use simple passwords so they can gain access to the user account.  Once a spammer or hacker has access to a user account they can use that account to launch further attacks or spam storms.  If your account is comprimised because of a simple password any attacks or spams will be traced back to you and will cause us a lot of work to clean up the mess.


Another thing to remember about password security is keeping your password private.  Don't give it to your buddy.  Don't give it to your kids.  And please don't ever give it so someone that asks for it in an email.  There are people out there that may claim to represent us or some other institution asking to "verify" your account information.  No reputable company should ever ask for your password in an email.


Here are some recommendations for a good password:


1) The password should be a minimum of 6 characters long.  8 characters is good.  12 or more characters is better.


2)  The password should include 2 or 3 different character groups.  An example of a character group is lower case letters like "abcdefg."  Other character groups would be captial letters, like "ABCDEFG," or numbers or symbols.  A password like "rdT6z%An@f" has all 4 character groups.


3)  The password should not include dictionary words or proper names.  Many of those words are very easy to guess.  Especially don't use passwords like "password" or "god" etc...  Also, don't use a password that is the same as your username.  Those are some of the first passwords guessed by hackers and spammers.


If you have any questions please call us.  You can change your password in the My Account area under Change Password.


If you think you may have been scammed out of your account information then first change your password.  Then look Here for more information.