FontMap may be used to view and print both installed and external fonts; it can display a table, individual characters, a keyboard view, font description, or whatever text you wish to enter.  Individual characters can be displayed in a "full-screen" view and custom table parameters can be set to "zoom" in on a selected portion of a font.  National character sets and unicode characters available for a font may also be displayed.

For an individual font most all of the views that are displayed can be printed - this includes a variety of table formats, text, a keyboard view, font description, and installation information.  Multiple fonts can be printed in either a brief or "verbose" format.  If you have a CD (or whatever) with a bunch of fonts on it, you can easily print a sample of all the fonts it contains without needing to install them.  Or, you can browse thru the fonts and selectively install the ones you like.

FontMap is a shareware program with a $19.95 registration fee.  If you like this program and use it frequently, please show your support by purchasing FontMap.  Note that printing, as well as the display of unicode and National character sets, is only available to registered users.  Versions beyond 2.41 will only be available to registered users.

Acknowlegement:  The install/uninstall package for FontMap was created using Inno Setup; I would like to thank its authors.




Version Date Bytes Description
2.48 5/23/06 341K •  Correct problem with printing in Unicode Scrolled modes.
This version is only available to registered users.
2.47 5/12/06 341K •  Added toolbar (shown in current screen shots).
•  Font description and character table can be displayed on the same screen.
•  Accomodate fonts having more than 2222 unicode characters.
•  Handle fonts that use unicode characters in the font name and description.
This version is only available to registered users.
2.42 8/12/05 337K •  Corrected problem with displaying symbol fonts when FontMap is invoked from Windows Explorer.
This version is only available to registered users.
2.41 6/20/05 337K •  Added support for .otf Open Type fonts.
•  TrueType (.ttf), OpenType (.otf), and Type1 (.pfm) fonts may be opened from Windows Explorer.
•  Minor fixes and enhancements.
2.37a 5/28/04 337K •  Repackaged for easier install/uninstall.
2.37 3/25/04 52,570 •  Added support for Type 1 fonts (only available on Windows 2000 & XP).
•  Other minor enhancements.
2.33 9/27/03 51,408 •  Added support for Unicode and National character sets.
•  External fonts now print correctly with HP printers.
•  Detection of OpenType fonts.
•  Improved rendering of Raster fonts.
2.12 3/16/03 41,123 •  Optional printing of footers.
•  Fix a potential crash when printing or previewing.
•  Fixes for compatibility with Windows XP.
2.0 2/4/03 38,691 •  Print a font or fonts.
•  Can be used as the default TTF viewer.
•  The fonts folder can be displayed.
1.10 11/30/02 31,349 •  Added ability to select bold, italic, and font size in the character buffer.
•  Added "All Characters" option to View Menu.
•  Display glyph name when the character is expanded.
•  Improved help and links.
•  Improved install/uninstall.
•  Fixed a few minor bugs.
•  cw3230.dll is no longer needed.
1.00 4/1/02 164,791 •  Initial Release


User Comments

  • "I think the program is great!" - Robin
  • "It's *exactly* the program I've been looking for." - Laura
  • "i love the program (simple and straightforward) and have recommended it to all my multimedia students ..." - Theresa
  • "I really love that it is so effective and yet so tiny." - Starlene
  • "Just want to say that your program has been very handy and well worth the price!" - Bryn
  • "Great little program ..." - Stacy
  • "This program kicks ass. Totally worth it." - kincy
  • "Thank you for finally offering an excellent way to view all my fonts!! I have tons and TONS of fonts and all the others were slow and choppy...THANK YOU!!!" - Alec



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