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link to the Corchero family tree from the archives in Caceres Spain by Rosa Maria Benito Corredera, muchas "gracias Rosa" update 04-05-06

photos de familia de Maria Benito Corredera de Espania

photos de familia de Bernardo e Calistra Corchero de California


Family tree as understood by Vic, 12-9-00

from "the Historical Research Center Family Name History: Eduardo Corchero y Domingues: del Regimento de Infanteria: record of 1875. link to Historical Research Center Corchero family History

Preguntas? Casto's (my grandfather)oldest son Benardo (my uncle), youngest son's (my cousin ) name is Domingo, is Eduardo of the Reasearch Center Domingo's and my great great uncle or great grand father?

Link to Pozuelo de Zarzon, Spain, for family roots and records

from family memories and records gathered:

Casto's Father's first name was Domingo, Casto was born July 1,1861- died May 5, 1930

(From Websters 1999 Eng/Spanish dictionary the name Casto means "chaste, pure" )

Casto Corchero mother's name was Barbara Manzano

Casto is known to have had 2 brothers, Zacaria Corchero Manzano who is known to have settled in Cuba. Another brother entered the priesthood but no more is known.

Casto's 1st wife was Maxima Paule, she died in 1906

The family name of Paule is accepted as the oldest name in Pozuelo de Zarzon, see link above.

Preguntas? were Casto and Saturio the same age? Brothers? Cousins? What was Saturio's fathers name?

Saturio's wife was Florentina Paule

Preguntas? were Florentina Paule and Maxima Paule sisters?

link to Saturio's family tree

Saturio's son, Ceferino was born in 1883

Ceferino estaba casado con Lucía Hernández Soto

Ceferino emigrated to Argentina in 1912

link to Ceferino's family tree

La familia de Casto e Vicenta

Casto and 2nd wife Vicenta ( Maxima Paule had died in 1906) emigrated via Hawaiian Islands fom Spain in 1913. Sons Bernardo, Agustine and Sinforiano accompanied, another son had died in passage. A son by Vicenta, Dijamin(Benjamin), born in 1910, as well as a daughter (by Vicenta) Fonsa (Francis was born on shipboard rounding Cape Horn), completed the trip. The ship was the SS Willesden and arrived in Hawaii on March 30, 1913. This was the second voyage that the Willesden made to Hawaii with Spanish Immigrants aboard. link to the trip to Hawaii from Spain
link to Casto's and Vicenta's family tree

Casto Corchero Manzano's oldest son Benardo Corchero Paule was born Aug. 19, 1892- died 1975. link to Bernardo's family tree

Casto Corchero Manzanos's 3rd oldest son Agustine (Austin) Corchero Paule was born May 5 1901- died Jan. 1966 link to Agustine's family tree

Casto Corchero Manzanos's 4th son Sinforiano (Fred) Corchero Paule was born aug 5 1906- died Jan. 1939 link to Fred's family tree

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